Top 15 Illustration Essay Topics For Middle School Students

By middle school you will have already developed most of the skills you need to be a fairly good writer. Few people will admit this to you because they want you to think that education is difficult but it does not need to be. There are exceptions to this of course. Some people are academic late bloomers and may not fully grasp some of the concepts they are exposed to until their mid twenties.

The essay topics in this article are intended for middle school students who are willing and ready to write at a higher level. They should challenge the writers and make them think and feel. If this is done, the reader will also think and feel. This requires a few actions in order to select the perfect topic. These include:

  • Reading other illustration essays
  • By doing this, you can see what other writers do with similar raw material. Do they handle it well? What traps did they accidentally fall into that you might also encounter if you pursue a similar idea? Is one topic popping up to frequently? All of these questions should be answered to make your chances better.

  • Speak to your teacher
  • Your teacher may have a very specific thing that he or she needs to see in your essay. If you are unaware of this you may write something fantastic but still miss the mark. Ask questions and do not stop until you feel satisfied.

  • Practice
  • Brainstorm ideas with other students and then try writing a few of the topics that you all come up with. As you do this you will learn which ones you address best.

Consider these:

  1. The view from the plane that took me from my home country forever to asylum
  2. The vision that made me believe in extraterrestrial life
  3. The interior of the world’s most famous museums
  4. Watching Swan Lake as a child ballerina
  5. The inside of the world’s most violent prison as a framed inmate
  6. The last tree on Earth
  7. The life of a politician at the involuntary end of his or her career
  8. The Internet as viewed through the eyes of a 90 year old
  9. Seeing the surface of Pluto for the first time
  10. The Caribbean Sea
  11. Exploring the Arctic by cruise ship
  12. Woodstock
  13. The Venus Flytrap
  14. Meditation for absolute beginners
  15. How to be a hero