Top 20 Informative Essay Topics For Elementary Students

Informative essays are among the first essays you will be asked to write as an academic student. It is an essay that explains something. Your goal is to make it interesting and informative. This type of essay doesn’t require any opinion or point of view. Your only objective is to educate your reader about the topic and hopefully make it exciting. You want to make your reader curious about the subject and hopefully make him want to learn more. I have a list of a few topics you may want to write the article on:

  1. How people spread colds.
  2. How can we recycle?
  3. What causes snoring?
  4. The importance of exercise?
  5. The healthiest food to eat?
  6. What is the greenhouse effect?
  7. What is the most popular video game?
  8. What is the best cell phone?
  9. The effects of drinking soda.
  10. What is bullying?
  11. How easy is it to buy drugs at school?
  12. Does second hand smoke affect you?
  13. How to stop smoking?
  14. How are teachers accountable?
  15. Causes and effects of water pollution.
  16. Causes and effects of air pollution.
  17. The effect of earphones on hearing.
  18. What can start wars?
  19. Has Facebook affected our students?
  20. What is a random act of kindness?

These are just a few of the topics you could use to write a great informative essay. First, you have to pick a topic. Once you have done that, you have to create an introduction. The introduction does just what it says; it introduces the paper to the entire world and tells them what you want to write about. The next part of your article is the body. It is here that you write the most about your subject. You need to answer the following questions concerning Who, What, When, Where, and How your topic is. Once you have completed your body, it is time for your conclusion. Here you rewrite your thesis again, only using different words. You also may want to remind your readers about your most important finding about your topic and write it here. You can also, at this time, question your readers to learn more. The greatest compliment you can get as a writer is to have your reader want to know more because of what you have written.