Crafting an Essay About Bullying at School: Useful Advice

Bullying is a widespread problem in schools today. Unlike a few decades ago, it can lead to significant repercussions do to problems like mass shootings and cyber bullying. Since bullying is a common issue for students, many teachers will assign an essay on this topic. In order to get a good grade, students should consider the following tips.

Make It Personal

Unless the teacher has specified that they just want statistics and hard facts, the student should try to make their paper personal. Using a story from their life or from a friend, the student can demonstrate the real world implications of bullying. Students can also use a personal example in the introduction of their essay because it will help to draw the reader into the story and show why it is an important issue.

Use Statistics

There are many studies that have been conducted on the topic of bullying in the past. By using these studies, students can strengthen their argument and show potential solutions for bullying. Looking at psychological research and statistics about individual incidents will help students to gain a concrete background in the subject. Through this in-depth knowledge, they can craft an A+ paper.

State the Impact

Students should avoid being trite with this subject or dealing with it as a trivial issue. Bullying is a serious problem that can harm someone's psychological and physical health for the rest of their life. As such, it should be dealt with compassion, sympathy and gravity in the assignment. Teachers will mark students down if they feel like they are understating the impact or severity of this issue. Due to to this, students must make sure that they do their research and express the real world implications of bullying.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Although the quality of the student's research matters, grammar errors and spelling mistakes will distract the reader from the main idea. Students must make sure that they have thoroughly proofread their assignment before they turn it in. Often, getting an extra pair of eyes can help with editing. The writer naturally sees what they intended to write instead of what they did, so it helps to have someone else look over the document. At the same time, students may want to take a few days or hours off from their writing. By returning to the essay with fresh eyes, students will be able to see errors that they would have otherwise missed.