5 Tricks That Will Help You Create A Good Reflective Essay

Focus on the skills that you need to produce a reflective essay. You will need to be able to express your personal opinions or provide critical thinking at the same time as provide the reader with both supporting evidence as well examples that reinforce your view.

Your reflective essay can be about anything that promotes or encourages personal thought or opinions. It can be about a film, painting, statue, book or any sort of event. This may sound easy but to get top marks you may need a bit of help with these tricks.

  1. Before you start formally writing it is a good idea to do a bit of brainstorming. You may already have the subject of your essay in mind. While brainstorming, try to focus on these questions
    • What do you already know about the subject?
    • If you are interested in the subject, what draws you to the subject?
    • If you do not like the subject, what do you dislike about it ?
    • Do you have any personal experience of the subject? If you don't how are you going to reach out to your audience so you can share your own personal feelings on the subject?
    • If you do not have any personal experience of the subject, how can you define your opinion?
  2. Try to think about different aspects of the subject before you start writing. Once you have targeted different aspect then try to analyse your opinion. Although the work is about your personal opinion you also need to be able to write objectively. Write in the first person.
  3. Make your work interesting. Engage your reader. You may think that other people may not be interested in reading about your opinion, so make sure that you add examples that relate to other pictures, films or book that are commonplace. Give your reader a hook on which they can form their own opinion. Make it personal. If you write about something that you are really interested in it will show in your work.
  4. Look for information in the form or data that can help support your view. When you make reference to the data make sure that you cite the source as this will further authenticate the stance you have taken.
  5. Just like other essays take the time to make sure that your work flows in a logical progression, so your reader does not find that they are re-reading something in the third paragraph that you are repeating in the fifth paragraph. Take time to plan your work and to proofread. Be concise with the language that you use.