Writing A Good French Revolution Cause And Effect Essay: Basic Tip

The French revolution was one of the significant events in the history of the country. It is also one of the most popular topics to write an essay on. Since there are different perspectives of the revolution, you can write from various angels and create an interesting paper. The French revolution like all other revolution was caused due to the imbalance in the French society and continued for ten years. So when you write a cause and effect story on this revolt, you have to keep a few basic tips in mind.

A little on how it happened

Like all other cause and effect essay, highlight the cause of the revolution. Here give a detail description of the alienation and poverty faced by the weaker sections of the French society. Mention how most of the people were poor and lived in poverty while the rich and influential lived in palaces. Highlight how the people suffered under the rule of the King Louis XVI and how it became the cause of the revolution. The atrocities committed by the kind and his queen Maria Theresia, the Austrian empress were also equally responsible for the revolution.

Effects of the revolt

Once you have established the cause of the revolution, give a brief account of how it actually took place. It started with the siege of Bastile, the infamous prison located in Paris. Give a small account of the entire revolution. Giving a detailed description will only lengthen the paper and most of the details are well documented.

After the cause comes the effect. Do a lot of research to find out all the outcomes of the revolution. At the end of the revolution the Kind did not have any real powers. The revolution is what made France a republic. The major effect of the revolution was the formation of a constitution and legal courts by the common people. It was this court which later ordered the execution of the Kind and Queen for their heinous crimes.

You will have to write about the creation of National Assembly. It was this assembly which took away all the power from the bourgeois and the churches. Some of the other prominent results of the revolt was the banning of torture in prison, letting people from any social class join the army and electing the judges of the courts. Earlier it were only the rich who could hold influential positions but after the revolt anyone with the qualification could.