Choosing Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School Students

If you need to write a compare and contrast essay, you need to choose a good topic you are going to base the research on. A good topic is a laconic one that determines the problem clearly and makes you feel excited about the fact of writing.

Choosing a topic, make sure that you really like it. Try to find out, whether you will be able to confirm your point of view with results of other researchers’ work (if necessary). It will give your work a touch of reliability. At the same time, make sure that your topic is interesting and rather novel. Nobody is interested in reading about what is better, wine or beer, for a thousand times.

Below, you will find a list of quite interesting topics that can be used for compare and contrast essays for high school students.

  1. Star Track or Star Wars?
  2. Being a vegetarian or being a meat eater?
  3. A President in the USA or a Prime Minister in the UK?
  4. The Republican Party or the Democratic Party?
  5. Buddhism or Hinduism (or any other religion)?
  6. Having a king or having a president?
  7. South or North before the Civil War broke out?
  8. Paying with cash or paying via credit cards?
  9. Rock music or pop music?
  10. Harry Potter books or The Lord of the Rings trilogy?
  11. Socialism or capitalism?
  12. Slavery or abolition?
  13. Chinese or Korean (or Japanese)?
  14. Celtic or Scandinavian mythology (or any other)?
  15. Borrowing, renting or owning?
  16. Baking or boiling?
  17. Raspberry or blackberry (or other berries or fruits)?
  18. Paper pollution or glass pollution?
  19. A piece of advice from friends or from family?
  20. Treatment with pills or surgery?
  21. Football or hockey (or other kinds of sports)?
  22. Books or magazines?
  23. Reading a novel or watching it filmed?
  24. Social media or offline communication?

As you can see, you can easily invent a good topic for a compare and contrast essay on your own, without much trouble. Just pick out one thing or a phenomenon, or an action, find its opposite and describe their main features. You can speak about the way they interact, or about the way they cannot work together. Your goal is to show their man features as fully as you can. This is the skill that is being developed with the help of such academic writing.