Writing A Winning Evaluation Essay About Death Penalty

The death penalty has existed in human justice systems since the earliest historical records and surprisingly, it is still practiced in some states today. Many argue that this is a barbaric act and should be abolished all together, however, this does not stop some countries from executing its more troublesome criminals as they see fit.

Both sides of the issue are supported by different groups and both sides have convincing arguments. Deciding on punishment for gruesome acts committed by any person can be a complicated issue, we cannot release dangerous people into society nor can we simply eliminate whoever we see fit, so most justice systems try to strike a balance.

The following are some points that I think can be helpful in constructing an essay about the death penalty:

  1. Have you ever witnessed an execution? If you did, describe your experience.
  2. Despite being considered a necessary part of the criminal justice system, the act of executing a person can have many effects on the average person. Try to obtain interviews from people that have witnessed or carried out executions for some insight on the experience, if you have not been witness to one personally.

  3. How does this penalty benefit society ?
  4. Identify the reasons why this method of punishment exists and evaluate whether they are justified. Is it that this was the easiest, cheapest way to deal with deviants of society or are there better reasons for its existence?

  5. What are the alternative methods of punishment for hardened criminals?
  6. Some criminals cannot be reformed, despite extensive efforts, it is however, unfair to tax payers to have to pay for the needs of these individuals for the entirety of their lives. What other possible courses of action can be taken to deal with hardened criminals?

  7. What is the cost of alternative punishment methods?
  8. Would any possible alternative punishments or reformation methods be of significant expense to tax payers? Are the moral objections to the death penalty significant enough to warrant high research and implementation costs of new criminal justice practices?

  9. Should we allow religious teachings to influence our decisions?
  10. Different countries and states have varying views on the death penalty, however, it does exist in many places of the world and the governments there are often unwilling to consider any reformation of their constitution concerning this issue. Should the views of an international body be allowed to dictate they way any country conducts its criminal law practices?