Composing a Winning Formal Expository Essay Using a Checked Template

Figuring out an outline or choosing a topic can take time, and many students are already exceptionally busy with their classes. To speed up the writing process, students can use a checked template for their expository essay. By using a template, the student knows exactly what to discuss in each section of the paper without having to spend hours debating it.

Finding a Checked Template

One of the main places where students can find a checked template is online. Many writing websites offer templates for free or even provide students with example papers that they can use. Colleges, universities and academic websites may also have templates available to help students out.

Filling in the Blanks and Customizing the Template

Once the student has found a template, their first task will be to fill in the blanks. The student will need to use the template to input their title, introduction, thesis statement, paragraph topics and conclusion. After this is done, the student can always go back and jot down the additional information that they plan on using in each paragraph.

Check for a Logical Flow in the Outline

For an argument to be persuasive, it has to have a logical flow. Each paragraph needs to build on the previous topic so that the reader understands the entire subject. After students have finished their outline, they need to make sure that the topic sentences build logically upon each other. This is the easiest stage to make major changes because the entire expository essay has not been written yet. With an outline, the student just has to move around paragraphs or make minor adjustments.

Utilize Research in the Template

To make the template extremely effective, students should use some of their research in each paragraph. By including the research that they plan on using, students can make sure that they do not use the same data twice. In addition, this technique allows the student to spot holes in their research and ensure that they actually have enough information to complete the assignment. If there are gaps in the research, students can always go back and find new data or remove the paragraph.

Writing does not have to be a difficult task for students. By using a template and creating an outline, students can speed up the writing process. Once this is done, the student can finish the last bit of research before they begin writing.