Writing A Thesis Statement For A Middle School Paper

The thesis statement can be thought of as an arrow pointing in the direction an essay is intended to take. This first sentence guides the reader into the body of the essay and should be accompanied by three concise points that support this initial statement. A properly written thesis statement can make the construction of an essay much easier so it is worth the effort required to construct an excellent one. Here are five tips on writing a thesis statement for a middle school paper:

  1. Consider the intended reader of your paper
  2. Every paper is written with the intention of being read, and each reader can be vastly different from the next. It is important that you consider your target audience carefully before constructing you paper. Decide on the best approach to achieve the best effect from your readers based on the nature of your target audience.

  3. Ask yourself a question
  4. Ask yourself a question on the topic at hand and attempt to give yourself a convincing response. This helps to establish a relationship between yourself and the subject matter which can provide you with a different perspective from the one you began the project with. Asking yourself these questions will guide you through the process of formulating opinions or maybe even create more questions.

  5. Study your information and formulate an opinion
  6. Collect as much data as you can and analyze it with an objective approach being careful not to favor any one point over another. Use this information to first formulate your own opinion on the topic and this opinion will help the creation of ideas which will aid in the construction of a thesis.

  7. Trial and error
  8. Before deciding upon a final statement make a few examples and say them out loud to yourself or a peer. This process will help to eradicate incorrectly or clumsily formulated sentences and give you the opportunity to revise your statements before printing. Writing is a process, a process that involves continuous revision and improvements along the way.

  9. Consider all the above and formulate a thesis
  10. After following the previous steps, you are now ready to begin your final creation of your thesis sentence. This sentence can set the tone of your paper so ensure you create one based on objective observations and analysis, avoiding any form of personal bias. Your sentence must be concise and clear, with little or no room to be interpreted differently from how it was intended.