Simple Instructions On How To Write An Introduction For An Opinion Essay

We feel dwarfed and imprisoned in a space where we are not allowed to express our opinions. This is after all, a largely democratic world, and every say should have a tongue, if you will. This holds good in speaking as well as writing.

Streamlining is important

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When writing an opinion essay, you need to first present the whole diaphragm of the topical theme to the readers. Your opinion will be an extraction from therein. You should subtly and yet intelligently peg the readers on where you will lead the piece.

A working stratagem

You may use the stratagem of writing prompts. Create cursive and poignant prompts that assert your take on the theme. You may attempt to create a startling quote (your own) or mention the pertinent resolve around the theme.

You should make sure that the introduction is scripted in such a manner that it naturally leads to the next paragraph. You should mention both sides of the topic and your willingness to analyze the sides. You should come across as a fair fellow.

You should also give an idea of the side you are going to take. While you aspire to strike a balance, you are surely going to tilt towards one precept more than the other. Make sure that you do that with conclusive reasons; not absurd ideologues.

Your Introduction should have the element of interest served on the platter for readers. It helps if the topic is strategic and trendy. You should work upon influencing a greater cross-section. Here is an example of opinion essay Introduction for your reference –

The topic – Should terrorists be dealt with capital punishment?

β€˜Are we going to leave the relics of bombs and tombs to the next generation? If we accept the wrongdoings of terrorists and treat this malady flippantly, we will surely lead a bad precedent. It becomes imperative to deal with terrorists with an iron glove. We should be quick o the take by running fast action courts to convict and punish terrorists who have a mind to destroy humans and humanity. However, as the world evolves towards fairness and peace; I feel that life imprisonment is an ideal punishment; it serves them well and also saves s from the ignominy of murder.’