Creating A Good Synthesis Essay Outline: A Free Manual

It is important that you fully understand the concept of a synthesis essay before you start with the outline. The purpose of this type of essay is to make a connection between multiple works or part of a work. The connections must be insightful and able to form into a good perspective on a certain subject. That’s why it is important to do a good research.

There are Different Types of Synthesis Essays

  • Review. This essay is mostly written as a preliminary step for an argument synthesis. This paper covers all previous critiques. It is mainly a discussion of the comments and critiques previously given for the certain topic. It is also an analysis on the sources of the critiques. There is a need of more research on the topic. Medicine and science classes often involve thus type of analysis.
  • Argument synthesis. Strong thesis statement is an important characteristic of this essay. In the statement, the writer explains his point of view and gives relevant information in order so they make sense. The information gathered from the research should be listed in a logical manner.
  • Background/explanatory synthesis. This paper serves for helping readers understand a certain topic. It categorizes the facts which give a more profound knowledge on the topic to the reader. It doesn’t elaborate a certain viewpoint, the point is to give enough detail and facts to the readers so they, themselves can form an opinion. The thesis statement is either absent, or very weak and unimportant.

How to Choose a Good Topic

The trick is to choose a topic that is broad enough, so you can combine more than one sources, but not as broad so the sources don’t make point together because they are too different. If you can choose the topic by yourself, you can do a little research and maybe some preliminary reading. It will help you make the best choice. Also, carefully choose the sources. Three or more are enough. Pick those who have information regarding the topic and statement you have chosen.

Developing a thesis statement

The main idea is the thesis statement. It gives direction and summary to the readers. Make sure it really and accurately states your point of view on the certain matter. It can be located in the beginning or in the end of the first paragraph. Good luck!