Sequence Transition Words You Can Use When Crafting An Essay


When writing an essay, there is a need to avoid repetition as much as is possible. Many transition words can be used to avoid repeating words that have already been used. In addition to repetition, transition words can also be used to help make an essay flow from link to link. Transition words tend to come in four different categories of addition transition, cause and effect transition, time transition and illustration transition.


Addition transitions are words that allows the writer to show there is more than one point that is considered in an essay. Common words used in addition transition include:

  • Firstly
  • Secondly
  • Thirdly
  • Next
  • Lastly
  • Finally

Any word that shows there are more points to be considered is known as an addition transition.


Cause and effect transition words shows the reader the reasons behind any argument. Cause and affect transition words include:

  • Because
  • Therefore
  • Hence
  • Accordingly
  • Caused
  • Since
  • Thus

Any word that works to explain a reason or effect, can be considered a cause and effect transition word.


Time transition words are used to describe the passing of time for the reader. Common time transition words include:

  • Now
  • Later
  • Past
  • Present
  • Future
  • Previously
  • Afterword
  • First

Any word that is associated with the passing of time can be considered to be a time transition word.


Illustration transition words are words that are used to show the reader that a point is being made. Some common illustration words include:

  • Example
  • Demonstration
  • Illustrate
  • Include
  • Instance

All illustration transition words show that an important point is being made and that the reader should take notice of the main point that is being made.


Transition words are common in pieces of non-fiction work that allows the writer to avoid repetition in their work. In addition to avoiding repetition, good use of transition words will help the flow of the essay as one point leads on to the next point before coming to a good conclusion. A first point can be demonstrated with words such as firstly or first while a last point can be illustrated with words such as finally or lastly. Using transition words in this way gives structure to any essay.


Why not use transition words to sharpen your essay? You will find that the essay flows easily and your tutor will prefer the clear structure that you have laid out. Good use of transition words can also help to raise your grade.