Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When it comes to the health of a community, it is more than just a household responsibility to deal with it. With the coming of age, governments tend to stay more involved in ensuring the health security of the residents of their country. With improper health facilities not only are individual’s lives placed under danger but the overall economy, lifestyle and approach of the community significantly decreases.

There is a serious argument that often spurs up when discussing health treatments, communities often struggle with understanding what is best for them; prevention of a disease or its cure.

How Can One Be Prevented?

Prevention of a disease indicates that factors that might influence a certain ailment to prevail can be prevented from scratch. This way if certain months in the year pose a threat of a heat stroke, certain precautions can be taken at a grand scale by the government to prevent the matter. This way, individual cost is greatly reduced and the sickness is dealt with as well. The argument that arises is that people often prefer getting cured without fully understanding what prevention means.

If a disease is stopped from reaching you, why would need a cure in the first place? It is true that if each individual struggles towards preventing a disease independently it can be costly, but its cure can be just as pricey too. Therefore, one must see the picture at a grander scale and keep in mind the number of benefits each offer in the long run.

Reasons Why People Suffer

Sometimes an individual suffers from an ailment solely because he lacked the knowledge to prevent it, the government can come up with various schemes to achieve that from a young age. This way, no one will require the on-spot financial and timely investment a cure often requires.

Willing to prevent a disease is a choice one makes over time by practicing certain acts and living an aware and conscious life. Cure is the last resort, the option one is forced to go with because all else have either failed or are doomed to failure before they even begin. Therefore, if seen under a grander lens, it can be logically claimed that prevention is indeed better than cure.

In conclusion, it can be stated that prevention works in the form of an investment and breeds a community that is aware of all the ways it can prevent itself from certain sicknesses that otherwise seem inevitable.