Basic Instructions On How To Write A Personal Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is based on your own opinion about a controversial topic. You may make your paper any length depending on whom you are writing the paper for as example a letter to the editor should be short while a paper to be used for speech might be lengthy. Whatever your topic make sure that you have done research to back up your opinion. Facts are a must when writing this type of paper because you might be challenged.

Points to cover in your paper

When writing an opinion paper, there are several points to cover so that your assignment will achieve clarity to the readers and prove the point that you are making. You will want to take a step by step approach so that the reader will follow along believing your opinion. The following are some important factors in writing your paper:

  1. Before you even give your opinion in any paper make sure that you do research that will help you prove your opinion.
  2. Make your paper believable by acknowledging opinions of others which will help add to your argument.
  3. You want your opinion to add to the arguments that others have made by making an important transition statement.
  4. One of the faults in writing an opinion is being sarcastic. That will never be accepted instead it sounds like sour milk.
  5. Use supporting evidence that proves what you are saying is valid. It is important that you use language that is positive and factual.

Those who write an opinion essay must realize that it is vital to have facts to back up each point that they make so that the reader will accept the paper as an informative piece of information worthy of reading.


An opinion essay is very easy to write because we all have an opinion on certain topics that arise in our society. The difficulty comes when we are too in depth on the subject and cannot look at it objectively. Any well-written opinion paper needs to be backed by research so that facts covering the issues can prove the writers points. The reader has their opinion and perhaps may not agree with the writer. However when facts are presented then, the paper becomes believable. Outline your facts so that you can keep your paper flowing for the reader and proving that your opinion matters.