Ideas That Will Never Fail: A List Of Good Essay Topics To Explore

Do you need an excellent fail-proof topic for your next essay? You’ve come to the right place! Have a look at this list of outstanding essay topics that never fail.

etainment of suspected terrorists

The detainment of suspected terrorists without a trial is an extremely controversial subject. Should governments be allowed to detain suspected terrorists without a trial? What are the possible advantages of this? What are the possible disadvantages of this?

The voting age

Some people believe that the age at which people are allowed to vote should be changed. Should it be changed? If so, should it be increased, or decreased? Why?

Smoking in public outdoor areas

Smoking is still a contentious issue and a large number of people believe that smoking should be banned in all public outdoor areas, such as parks and sports grounds. Should smoking be banned in all public outdoor areas?

Technology dependence

Many health experts, such as psychologists, suggest that people have become too dependent on modern technology. Are people too dependent on modern technology? Why is that a bad thing?

The importance of fashion

Fashion is undoubtedly an important issue for many people. However, it has been suggested that we spend too much time and energy concerned with fashion. Do we spend too much time and energy on fashion?

Stem cell research

Another hotly contested issue is stem cell research. Some people believe that stem cell research should be carried out to find cures for diseases, while others say it should be banned completely. Should stem cell research be carried out to find cures for diseases?

Child seats in cars

Most people seem to agree that children should be safely strapped into child seats when they’re in the car. Should it be illegal to transport a child under five years of age in a car if they’re not in a child seat? What about public transport like buses?

License to be a parent

Some people have suggested that everyone should have to get a license before they are allowed to have children. Should be required to get licenses to have children?

Appropriate dating age

Many parents argue with their children about what the appropriate age for dating is. What is the appropriate age for dating? Why?

Sin taxes on junk food

There is currently a major problem with obesity, and some people say that putting a sin tax on junk food is a good way to deal with the problem. Will adding a sin tax to junk food lower the rate of obesity?