A List Of Simple Cause And Effect Essay Topics

If you are not passionate about literature, your main concern is how to make your assignments as simple as possible. When it comes to cause and effects essays, the key is to choose the right topic. If you write about interesting, but common facts, you can finish all your work in only a few hours. Besides, you will not have to spend too much time with research; you already know most of the information that you need. You have no idea what you can write about? Then check out this list of topics:

  • Teenage pregnancy. I am sure you know a few cases of young girls who have children. Do you think that this can affect them or their child? What can we do to prevent this phenomenon?
  • Religious discrimination. Like it or not, this is still present in our society. People are discriminated only because they belong to a specific religion. Express your opinion on this.
  • Violence among children. Can this be provoked by explicit Video Games? Many parents have concerns regarding this issue, and you can analyze it in your composition.
  • Vandalism. You’ve probably seen many buildings that are destroyed in your city. How can the government prevent this? Educating the teenagers is enough?
  • Excessive hunting. Even if many countries have severe laws regarding hunting, this is a constant problem. Endangered species will most likely disappear in a few years if this problem is not solved.
  • Bullying. You know perfectly how serious this can be; children who get bullied end up having anxiety and trust issues.
  • Domestic violence. If you choose to discuss about this topic, make sure to present some ways of preventing domestic violence. Also, be very careful with what you write; maybe one of your colleagues has problems at home.
  • Obese children. Fast-food is so popular among children that Obesity is very common in the last years. Should parents be more careful with this aspect?
  • Drug addiction. There are many media campaigns against drugs, but they don’t seem to be very effective. Why teenagers start doing drugs? How we can stop them?
  • Unemployment. This is common especially among young adults; it is simply too difficult to find a job. How will this affect the society? What is the cause of this? If possible, present some viable solutions to this problem.