Sixteen Good Ideas for a Profile Essay for High School Students

When high school students are assigned to write a profile essay, they usually get lost and don’t know what to start with. The success of any research paper depends a lot on its topic. In general an effective profile essay should present readers a clear picture of a person, place, or event through writer’s own perspective.

When you choose something or somebody to tell about to the audience, make sure that this person, place, or event is interesting for you in order to create a captivating story. Moreover, focus on a topic that is narrow to write a detailed and well-thought out essay. Once you have decided upon the subject of the work, investigate it thoroughly; do research, observe everything closely not to miss important details, and interview relevant people. Don’t forget to communicate your feelings and emotions about the subject.

You can write about some community events, like a parade, a recent meeting, a holiday celebration, like Independence Day, or a block party. If you want to right about some place, consider an orphanage in your town, any prominent or unusual business, or a famous tourist attraction. If you prefer to write about a person, it would be great to find someone who has interesting and unique background, or uncommon occupation. Whatever topic you choose, provide the detailed information concerning all three mentioned above categories: people, places, and events.

You can choose any topic idea for the profile essay out of sixteen presented in the list below or think of your own one.

  1. A special place
  2. A book that changed my life
  3. An event that changed my life
  4. The most exciting exhibition that I have ever visited
  5. The experience of watching football live
  6. Do we need animal shelters?
  7. Pollution and environment
  8. Meeting with a famous writer
  9. What do you think about pet house at home?
  10. The most exciting place to visit
  11. A person with a weird occupation
  12. Homeless children
  13. Rehabilitation centers for drug abused
  14. The Art House
  15. A unique business in my town
  16. A person I admire

Some topics are quite general, while others are specific. Let’s consider, for example, the essay idea number five. It’s not necessarily that you will write about football. It can be any sport event or even a concert of a famous singer who has recently visited your town.

While writing an essay, don’t just tell the sequence of events, but use a lot of adjectives and figurative language to make it brighter and more memorable no matter what topic you will choose.