A Good Outline For An Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

Gun control is a very debatable subject, and there are many aspects you need to take into consideration when you create an essay on this topic. It is very sensitive, and if you express your opinion in an aggressive war, you can come across as offensive. You need to discuss the matter from legal, moral and social point of view and to try to be objective, rather than to make it too personal. If you don’t have enough experience in creating essays, follow these guidelines:

  • Choose the main issue that you will discuss. Even if the general subject is gun control, there are many aspects that you can analyze. It is a big difference if you want to make a presentation about the laws in different states, or you want to discuss the requirements a person needs to fulfill in order to have a gun. Choose something that will be interesting for your classmates, not just easy for you to write.

  • Do your research. Once you know what you will write about, it’s time to start documenting yourself on the subject. In the beginning, read everything you find about this. Books, articles, opinions on the Internet, anything that can bring you more knowledge. Once you have sufficient information, you can start filtering it and put on paper only what is suitable to be integrated in your paper.

  • Create an outline. This will be the structure on which you will build your entire project. You have to decide what the main chapters will be and, more important, arrange them in a logic order that will make your content easy to read and engaging. From the outline, you will start writing the essay itself, so it needs to be suitable for the requirements of your professor.

  • Create representative chapters. The few words that you will use to describe each chapter need to be relevant to the content. Anyone who will read your outline needs to understand the main ideas of your topic and how you approach it. Don’t use vague words or fancy expressions.

  • Approach the matter from different points of view: moral, religious, social, legal. For every statement that you make, bring a relevant argument and evidence. If you discuss the risks, bring examples of real cases when tragedies could be avoided with severe laws. Choose relevant examples that are well-known by the community, as these have the biggest impact on the reader.