A Quick Guide On How To Write An Introduction To A Response Essay

A response essay lets the writer share what they think about something they observed. In this case it may refer to work completed by someone such as a piece of literature. The essay has details that reflect how you feel based on what you observed. This can be a positive or negative response depending on how you received the information. Your response gives insight on what you think about something after you have had a chance to summarize and reflect on details. Here are some points to help you develop a good introduction for your paper. For more details you can get immediate help through this website.

Use Example Papers to Help Develop and Outline

Your introduction will have a few details mentioned. This is when an outline can be helpful. The outline will give a general idea of what your paper will discuss. You can collect notes and information about your topic and place it in designated areas throughout the page. The introduction is a snapshot of what is to follow while presenting your thesis statement or main idea. There are example papers to consider that can give more insight on how to develop your introduction from scratch.

Define Your Response as Your Main Idea or Thesis Statement

Your response to work you is writing about will play a big role in developing your thesis. The thesis statement gives a general idea of what you feel is most important about the work you are writing about. This is your theory or question you are posing in regards to the work. When you define your thesis it should be strong and clear. Information that will follow in additional paragraphs should work to support this statement. Your introduction may also have a transition sentence at the end to help readers make a connection to the following paragraph.

What Background Details Can You Include about Your Response?

Think about something you want to start your introduction with that is related to the story or work you are responding to. This is when you create a hook or something that will catch attention of readers quickly. This may also be considered a topic sentence or something that opens the paragraph at the beginning. Think about details from the work you want to include that is most significant that will help introduce the subject itself.