Women In Combat

Women in combat are the military personal that are female who have been assigned in the combat position. Most people have never thought of women being in the combat but throughout the history women have been deployed mostly in areas such as the medical staff and political administrative positions of military. Debates have been raised concerning whether gender integration leads to combat effectiveness or not, with issues like physical, psychological and tactical concerns that don’t favor women in the military.


The longevity of women in combat is still a concern to many with the psychological and physical rigors of combat operation. Physical abilities of women do not suit the military operations, the physical fitness standards that have been set majorly stretches men to suit them and any woman who tries to reach them will only overstretch them. Efficiency of the small group of women in the combat cannot be to the best with the increased logistic, regulations and the disciplinary aspects of the integration in combat. An issue such as the unit morale and cohesion plays a bigger part in the combat and having women on board hamper the unit effectiveness. Natural characteristics of women that involve health are still bigger obstacles to women in combat, for example having pregnant woman in a unit will affect deployment of the understaffed unit. Male enemies can be coward when it comes to facing fellow man but when he has both male and female as prisoners both are likely to face torture and women can also be subjected to rape.


A woman who is willing to be an active combat soldier is more likely to make military her second home by making it stronger and she is unlikely to forego their duty by being pregnant. In some circumstances women are more effective than men that make it easy for the delicate and sensitive work that require doubled pool of talent. In the modern combat women who have been in the warfare have been given a lot of support and have been at the front line risking their lives a sign to show the necessity to recognize women in combat. The ever changing culture indicates the need to evolve the masculine culture also in order to accommodate women. The pros and cons of the women in combat explains the need for the society today to be more inclusive and at the same time to be a bit sensitive in some issues that require experience and will of a person. Generally both sides are good but a lot of thinking is required before any person makes judgment or the big call.