Searching for an Example Short Formal Essay on the Web

Writing formal essays requires you to follow particular rules. A formal essay might be analytical, argumentative, expository, or critical. The main idea is to structure a paper properly and use the right vocabulary. If you aren’t sure how to deal with this academic assignment, you should look at some sample formal essays. Below, you may look at the list of online sources that you may use in such a situation.

  1. Educational sites.
  2. There are websites that educate their visitors on topics related to academic writing. On such sites, you may find the information on how to write different essays and research papers. Usually, such articles contain templates that can be opened and downloaded for free.

  3. Academic libraries.
  4. You may find online databases and libraries that store essays and other academic papers. On such sites, you’ll be able to find samples for almost any type of assignment. However, the majority of papers that you’ll find there won’t be of the highest quality.

  5. Student forums.
  6. It shouldn’t be very difficult to find forums where students discuss research papers and other academic works. Find a relevant thread on such a forum and post your question related to formal essay templates. It’s likely that several forum members will answer you and provide you with the papers that they have.

  7. Online tutors.
  8. There are teachers who give individual online lessons on how to compose essays and other papers. They should definitely have many sample papers for different types of formal essays. Additionally, you may take a few lessons in order to improve your skills in academic writing.

  9. Freelance academic writers.
  10. On job boards, you may find freelancers who compose different papers in exchange for money. Find such a writer and explain them your request. It’s likely that an experienced freelancer would have a lot of formal essays in their portfolio. They should have no problems with selling you such templates.

  11. Essay writing agencies.
  12. There are also entire companies that create custom academic works for their clients. You may get online help from this website, for example. Although, they usually provide their customers only with unique texts, they should also be able to sell you prewritten materials that can serve as templates for your own paper.

You may also search for samples offline. Your instructing teacher should definitely have some samples. The library of your educational institution should also contain plenty of decent works written by students over the years. Even your classmates may become good sources of help to you.