Fresh Ideas For Writing An Outstanding Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay can be a lot of fun to write. They are usually based on something you have experienced and therefore you have plenty of knowledge of it. Once you pick your topic, you will see that it fits together just like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. The best suggestion you can use to create a project that is outstanding is to make a list of your topic ideas. Once you have a list, you can put in an outline together of each idea, that way you can see which topic will be the best match for you. Just in case you are still struggling, here are some ideas for you.

  • A detailed dream or nightmare that you have had. This can be something that has been reoccurring for a while or just something that caught your attention and inspired you.
  • Your favorite memory would be so easy to write about. It would draw you in and make your paper come together easily.
  • Your best friend could inspire you to write a paper that would invoke emotion. You do not have to pick a human friend. A pet could also bring about strong emotions that would make an outstanding project.
  • Your ideal date would set the stage for a paper with a personal touch. Admittedly, this may be a better idea for a single person. Although, you could use it to give your mate ideas.
  • Your dream garden would paint a picture that would be so pretty. You could include any idea that you have ever had for a garden. Even plants that would not be normally being available in your region could be incorporated into this garden idea.

You could face your fears by writing one down in detail. Explain why it is a fear and ideas that you could use to possibly overcome this fear. You can decide for yourself if it is an irrational fear or if it based on a prior experience. Once you see the topic that is perfect, create a bubble with descriptive terms that come to mind when you think of this topic. Imagination could really be useful in this form. You will surely impress your readers by writing about something that is personal and imaginative. This is a great time to have fun with your assignment, but remember to proofread and edit it also.