Writing An Essay About Television In Modern Life: Tips And Tricks

Why do you have to write essays? If you do not know the answer to that question, then how are you to write the paper your teacher wants to read?

One of the main purposes of an essay writing assignment is to find out what you know. They do this by requiring you to gather all your knowledge together to present in one project. It is a test of your time management skills. Can you complete the research and reduce it to a coherent and balanced argument within the given time frame?

Elements of a good essay

  1. Getting started – that might seem obvious, but some people put off starting the work until it is almost due. Any work that is rushed is less likely to be your best effort. As soon as you receive the assignment check that you understand what the question is about. It is better to ask now that risk turning a paper on the wrong subject.

  2. Make notes and outline – as you research remember not to pick out the first results that appear at the top of browser’s search list, dig a little deeper. The more uncommon your evidence, the more it will stand out from all the other papers your teacher is grading. Consider color-coding your outline and notes so you can find them more easily when the time comes to write.

  3. Write down that first draft – it is allowed to be garbage. It is a truism that you cannot edit a blank page and editing is what makes your work stand out.

  4. The first line must grab your reader – no matter how interesting the rest of the paper, if your first line is boring it will color how your reader sees the rest of the words.

  5. Edit, edit, and edit some more – here’s a good tip. You are absolutely sure you have written the best paper ever and removed all the mistakes. Check over it once more, but in a different format – print it out or download it onto your ereader. The hidden mistakes and typos will stand out.

Some ideas to get you started

  1. Why portray men as idiots in current shows?
  2. Public broadcasting vs commercial, which is more adventurous and why?
  3. We see some much about the negative effects of television are there any positive effects?
  4. Should junk food commercials be allowed with children’s shows?
  5. Is there any value in reality TV shows?